Cello music

Athabasca (Cover)

One More Than Two! (cover)

Athabasca  was inspired by a visit to the Athabasca Glacier in Canada. The jagged  mountain backdrop is reflected in the music by the ascending and descending lines. The glacier was a majestic sight and this is represented by the  stately, melancholy melodic lines. At the time I visited,the  glacier was being transversed by groups of  people  in snow vehicles and on foot,  who appeared as little moving dots on the landscape. These are represented by the 'funky" moving passages. 

One More Than Two! was originally written as a trio for Australian cellist Zoe to be performed at  the Adelaide Fringe in 2002. The second and third parts were pre recorded together with  a video of Zoe performing these parts. In the  premiere performance Zoe performed the first part live while playing along with  the pre recorded sound and video. 

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