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Pentaque (cover)

Jihad Crusade Poster

  Adelaide Fringe 2004  Suite from the jihad crusade


2 guitars,  flute, oboe, violin, viola, violincello.

This is a chamber music composition in which two guitars have a prominent roll. It was entered in the 2002 Darwin International  Guitar Festival, Australian Composer  Competition, and was judged as a joint winning entry  by a panel including Peter Sculthorpe  and Ross Edwards. Pentaque is a name coined to describe the extensive use of motifs derived from pentatonic scales for this work.

Suite  from  the Jihad Crusade

Soprano voice, clarinet, 'cello, piano, percussion.

The Jihad Crusade  was originally written as a multi - medium theatre work, which used six actors, three singers, and a fourteen-member instrumental  ensemble, and made use of projected images. Text is by Glen R Johns and music by David Brookes.  Suite  from  the Jihad Crusade is  a collection of songs from the original work arranged  for soprano voice and  small ensemble, for a performance at the Adelaide  Fringe in 2004.


Lydienne Blue

Symphony Orchestra

Lydienne Blue is a name coined to describe the  altered  Lydian Scale which is used extensively in this composition.

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