Private lessons with David

What you'll learn

In a typical lesson you will:

  • Learn saxophone techniques
  • Do exercises to try out the techniques
  • Learn songs using your newly learnt techniques to hear the improvement in your playing.

Typical techniques covered include 

  • Breathing
  • Breath support
  • Developing and improving your saxophone sound
  • Fingering techniques 
  • Reading music and developing good aural skills ("playing by ear")
  • How to articulate correctly (tonguing and slurring)

My primary goal when you first start is to get you playing in tune, sounding good and having fun!

Other skills to learn include techniques to play different styles: pop, rock, jazz, classical, improvisation and learning to read music.

When you are playing well I offer performing opportunities to those wish to do so. I am able to prepare students for Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) saxophone exams at all levels. I am also an AMEB examiner in saxophone.


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