Introductory lesson 

     About the Introductory Lesson

$60 for a one hour personal introduction to playing saxophone 

   You may have been tempted to take saxophone lessons, but would like to try one out before committing to a block of lessons. Perhaps you don't think you have got what it takes to learn an instrument. Will you enjoy playing saxophone? Here is your chance to try it with no obligation!

In the Introductory lesson you will learn:

  • Breathing and breath control 
  • How to form an embouchure (the correct position of your lips,  jaw  and tongue to produce a good saxophone sound)
  • Correct Posture 
  • Basic notes and fingerings on the saxophone
  • Basic tonguing technique
  • Some simple tunes
  • An introduction to learning how to read music
  • Exercises to practice and reinforce what you have learned  

The Introductory lesson is designed just for you.

You'll see that playing saxophone is a learnt skill and that you can be taught how to play. You're not expected to have any previous musical experience before coming to lessons. You will find my teaching method friendly, encouraging, supportive and designed to make you feel comfortable. My aim is for all students regardless of age or ambition to enjoy a life enriching experience by playing the saxophone.

I also suggest parents sit in on their child's Introductory Lesson so they can see how a lesson is conducted and what is involved in saxophone  lessons at my Studio.

After an Introductory Lesson, students say that they feel more confident and have a great sense of achievement.

Most join up for a block of lessons.

For an introductory lesson simply call 0411 433 404 and see what times are available.

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