Who can learn the saxophone?

Both children and adults can learn to play the saxophone. Learning music for a child is a natural part of the development process, learning music as an adult is usually part of a larger goal.

How old should a child be before starting saxophone?

That depends on the size of the child, but generally  at 10 years of age most children should be able to manage the weight and size of the most popular model, the alto saxophone. 

Can adults learn the saxophone?

Certainly, while we have all heard stories about the importance of learning music as a child, an adult with even no prior experience  can still learn to play a musical instrument well. The combination of good, flexible tutoring, a sound reason for learning and being comfortable with yourself, can make make for a lot of fun and a more enriching life experience. I have successfully taught many people who have taken up the saxophone later in their lives. If you have patience and determination, you can learn saxophone too. Learning to play the saxophone requires regular practice, you need to make a commitment to establish an organised practice routine. 

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